what is AdLeaks? how does it work? how do I use it? who is behind it? imprint

what do I need and how do I use it?

Whistleblowers need a software to instrument their browsers and a tool that prepares disclosures for submission. Once installed, all a whistleblower does is surf the web as regular. The instrumentation will leak bits of the disclosure to AdLeaks as the whistleblower encounters AdLeaks ads. This process may take in the order weeks depending on the size of the disclosure and the number of ads encountered per day. AdLeaks is not suited for large disclosures but provides a high degree of security. Website operators who would like to support AdLeaks need a bit of JavaScript that they must embed in web pages.

for whistleblowers

AdLeaks distributes the code you need to instrument your browser along with our ads. There is no need to download it. You only need a small bootstrapper script which extracts the code from your browser's cache or local storage. The script also verifies and installs the software for you. It is critical for your safety that you verify that the script you use is authentic, prior to using it! The best approach is to compare bootstrapper scripts taken from multiple sources. We publish authentic scripts at the following sources:

We given an example QR code and instructions below.

Disconnect phone/laptop from the Internet
Photograph QR code
Decode QR code
Transmit/type script into the computer
Run the script
Enable Chrome developer mode
Load unpacked extension
Go to options page

for supporting websites

If you operate a website and you would like to support the AdLeaks system during its testing phase then please stay tuned or contact us. We will shortly provide a URL that we ask you to include as an iframe in as many web pages as is practical.

for developers

The AdLeaks prototype is under continuous development. We publish updates to our source code at our GitHub repository. Feel free to check out the source code if you are curious about the implementation details or if you would like to contribute.